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The first real citycar:
- a 3 seater (no tandem), ie. central position driving
- can park perpendicular (really, not like a Smart)
- point-turns on one of the rear wheels (no kidding)
- no pedals, no steering wheel (patent registered)
- more driver-eye<>windshield distance than in a rolls royce
- 3 driver positions, ie choose the middle seat like formula one
- more luggage space than in a Smart
- 10kwh, 150km, 2x5kw wheel hubs = torque vectorisation
- cg a perfect 50/50 (unless your bmi cries)
- offers a 1.8 x 1.4m inflatable queen size bed (2m guys diagonally please)
- could be used as a city-utility vehicle (cuv for marketeers)
- sexy look, convertible, transparent rear-led & drl
- 100% customizable foil printing everywhere
- exchangable skin (as if you replace the cover of your mobile)
- great for individual public transport (to your door, not to nearest bus station)
so we created the individual public transport vehicle,
owned by the public community, as a door to door public transport system, or DDPT,
like an advancement ie from vélo bleu to voiture bleue in France.

It s a city car. As such it should only go 70km/h. depressed?

WAIT, now comes the best:

the car production: steel cage with inner and outer customer-defined pre-printed foils 
this is a totally new technology of car manufacturing, like thermoforming, but in oil instead of air, enabling cycle rates of <5min per car, per line! (patent registered)
so if you want to produce a million cars a year, this is the perfect way to create such city cars in the next hyper-factory.
The idea for us is however to not build the cars ourselves, but to build the factories
The factory owners (investor groups or states) should be the car producers.
This way the Citeeecar can be produced in the millions, financed by multiple investors.
more info? Shoot me a line: markus@citeeecar.com            more vids/docs/pics